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The release of a new modular building has become a much anticipated event over the last few years. On 1st January, 10246 Detective's Office will be available, a year after the release of the last one, 10243 Parisian Restaurant.

Rumours that the next modular would be a 'detective's agency' were circulating in the summer and many speculated that it might be based on 221b Baker Street but when images were leaked following the set being sent to brand stores to construct ahead of the Good Friday shopping events, it was clear that this wasn't the case. The press release published shortly afterwards provided more information about it together with a designer video featuring Jamie Berard. It's worth taking a look at that if you haven't already because some of the features of the building are explained in it.

The LEGO CEE team has kindly sent us one to review, so read on to see if it should be on your wanted list. In response to criticism levelled at my multi-part reviews, I've posted it as one long one, so make yourself comfortable...

Box and contents
Pictures of the box were the first images of the set that we saw back in November but it's worth adding them here to remind you how it's packaged. The box is smaller than those of most modulars, such as the Pet Shop, Cinema and Town Hall, although I don't have the Parisian's Restaurant box to hand to compare it with. That's not necessarily a bad thing of course. Note the new 'Expert' logo in the corner.
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