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FANCL Calories Limit | FANCL Calorie Limit 30 Days Supply

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FANCL Calories Limit | FANCL Calorie Limit 30 Days Supply

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Deskripsi produk

FANCL Calories Limit | FANCL Calorie Limit 30 Days Supply

"Fancl is a product of love from a man who created the brand so that his wife wouldn’t suffer from the chemical-laden beauty products she was using back in her time."

Best Seller Slimming Product in Japan !!!

This calorie limit pills must be taken BEFORE meal. don't take this for every meal, only at occasion when you know you will eat alot (e.g. buffet, family dinner,steamboat, etc..)
Produk ini akan menghambat penyerapan kalori atas makanan yang kamu konsumsi.

Hasil akan lebih maksimal jika setelah makan kamu mengkonsumsi FANCL Perfect Slim W

Review :

100% original from Japan

Fancl Calorie Limit is a dietary supplement that blocks the absorption of excess calories, fats and sugar. It also helps reduce appetite. Fancl Calorie Limit is a popular weight loss supplement in Japan and many people use it every day to lose weight.

For best results, take Calorie Limit 10 to 20 minutes before dinner to reduce appetite and help block the absorption of calories and fats during dinner.

One pack contains 120 tablets good for 30 days.


- Take one serving (4 tablets) 10 to 20 minutes before meals with a glass of water
- Maximum of 3 servings per day (12 tablets)
- Do not take if diabetic, pregnant, or breast feeding
- Should not be taken by children

Nutrition Info (1 serving = 4 tablets)

gymnemic acid: 9.4mg, mulberry leaves from Iminoshuga (as fagomine): 0.2mg, epigallocatechin gallate: 14mg, chitosan: 100mg, beans from phaseolamin: 0.29mg,
Gymnema acid 9.4 mg is Gymnema sylvestre extract 67 mg, Mulberry leaves derived imino sugar 0.2 mg is mulberry leaf extract 200 mg, Epigallocatechin gallate 14 mg is Dragong green tea extract 200 mg, Phaseolamine 0.29 mg is contained in 4.8 mg kidney bean extract

Contains crab extracts.
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FANCL Calories Limit | FANCL Calorie Limit 30 Days Supply

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FANCL Calories Limit | FANCL Calorie Limit 30 Days Supply

Imoetshop22 Jul 2018

bedanya apa ya sm yg 1 lg?? btw bs kirim by gosend ga ya?


 • 22 Jul 2018

Yg satunya for adult sis ada tambahan kandungan gingseng hitamnya

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