Pelindung Layar Anti Silau Anti Radiasi untuk Komputer

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Pelindung Layar Anti Silau Anti Radiasi untuk Komputer

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    300 gram
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Deskripsi Produk

Pelindung Layar Anti Silau Anti Radiasi untuk Komputer


-Barang import langsung dari China
-Estimasi sampai Jakarta 1-2 minggu
-FREE ONGKIR dari China ke gudang JNE jakarta

Variasi : 17.1 inch (339x271mm, 18.5 inch (410x230mm, 20.5 inch (445x250mm, 21.5 inch (476x266mm, 24.4 inch (517x323mm, 26 inch (576x321mm), 27 inch (600x336mm) ,

Easy to use, no residue remove, matte surface effectively reduce the glare & visual fatigue
Anti Glare,Radiation Protection, Anti-Blue LightAnti-static, relieve the fatigue of eyes and help you sleep better
Perfect forshort-sighted person, babymother, school student, office worker, social media addict, online gamer, fashion lover etc.
Wateroof and oil-proof from scatter and the water & oil can be wiped away very easily, offering you an ideal and natural viewing experience.
Easy to installthe film with automatic adsotion layer can reduce bubble air and be easier to paste

-Anti-fingerint and grease dirt, extra sensitive touch screen.Excellent character recognition.
-Anti Glare,Radiation Protection, Anti-Blue LightAnti-static,Block 99% of UV and block 65% of harmful blue light between 380nm-490nm .
-Reduce-Glare, help minimize annoying surface glare under bright lights.
-High transmittance,The thickness of screen and the touch feeling have little change after installation.
-Uniform thickness, smooth surface.The picture can be showed incisively and vividly.
-Easy to install, also allows for easy removal. No bubbles, no fuzz.

How to install
Step 1.Use alcohol swab or microfiber cloth to clear the LCD screen before installation.
Step 2.Peel the protector layer off the adhesive side.
Step 3.Carefully align the glass to the screen and slowly apply it onto the screen.
Step 4.Lightly press the center of the glass then adhesive part will spread over all parts smoothly.
Step 5.Use the clean cloth or finger to remove any visible bubbles from the screen.

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