TRIM USA - Callus / Corn Shaver 12-39FC

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TRIM USA - Callus / Corn Shaver 12-39FC

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TRIM USA - Callus / Corn Shaver 12-39FC

TRIM products are manufactured to the highest quality standards that have satisfied customers for over 70 years.

- Shaver has a sturdy handle for ease-of-use
- Blades are sharp and long-lasting
- 2 replacement blades included in this package
- Handy storage case

Briefly soak skin in warm, sudsy water. Dry thoroughly. Gently, draw the shaver across the corn or callus in a shaving motion to remove THIN layers of dead skin.

To change the blade: Place rubber disk (included) on a flat, dry surface. Grasp shaver by handle, place blade carrier portion of the shaver on the rubber disk. While applying light pressure, slide the shaver handle forward (away from you). This will disengage the blade carrier. Carefully reverse the existing double edge blade or replace with a new blade. Place blade carrier on the rubber disk, position shaver on top and while applying slight pressure, slide backwards until the blade carrier locks into place.

CAUTION: The razor blade is very sharp and should be handled with extreme care. Do not shave live skin. Diabetics and hemophiliacs should not use this tool. Use on corns and calluses only. Do not use on foot warts.

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children. This product is not intended for use by children.
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