Pinkfong First English Premium Collection 2019


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Pinkfong First English Premium Collection 2019

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Pinkfong First English Premium Collection 2019


Pinkfong First English Premium Book Collection is a collection of Pinkfong rhyme books, activity books, soundpad, electronic magic pen and more. Through this collection, your child can learn new words, songs, rhymes using a musical and interactive way, encouraging development in their language, sound and visual skills.

• Pinkfong Smart Pen that interacts and plays songs, words and sentences when you touch it on to the pages
• 2 Play books containing everyday words, sentences and songs for practical learning
• 100 song words cards that you can bring everywhere, consists of over 80 words from over 80 rhymes & songs
• 2 Mother Goose song books with songs, stories, rhymes for fun learning
• Electronic Pinkfong Alphabet Bus Learning Panel Toy for interactive and musical learning
• 4 themed word books introducing child to new words and songs relating to their favourite themes

Collection includes: 2 Play Books, 100 Song Cards, 2 Song Books, Smart Pen, Alphabet Bus Learning Panel, 4 Word Books
Recommended for ages 3+ years.
Smart Pinkfong Pen
Electronic Pinkfong Pen interacts with all the books and cards in this collection. Touch the Pinkfong Pen on the books or cards and songs, stories and rhymes will be played. Sounds encourage cognitive learning in children.
Word Song Cards
Maximize your kids' exposure to English vocabulary with these Word Song Cards. These cards contain keywords in Pinkfong songs & rhymes. Teach your child to repeat the keywords. Touch the Smart Pen to the cards to listen to the songs. Any place can be your kids' playground to learn English, with easy-to-carry cards and the interactive Pinkfong Smart Pen.
Word Books
Learn keywords for different subjects like animals, vehicles, number, colors and shapes. Along with vivid images to stimulate your kids' brain

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Pinkfong First English Premium Collection 2019

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Pinkfong First English Premium Collection 2019

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