HEGEN Botol Susu Teat Thick Feed (2-pack)


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HEGEN Botol Susu Teat Thick Feed (2-pack)

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HEGEN Botol Susu Teat Thick Feed (2-pack)

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Hegen's slow flow teats are designed to encourage seamless breast and bottle feeding, minimising nipple confusion for your baby. our velvety soft elliptical shaped teat closely mimics a mother's lactating breast while the off-centre teat design promotes upright feeding; similar to a position in which babies are nursed to reduce the risk of milk back-flow and the resulting mid-ear complication and colic. The built-in anti-colic air vent reduces unwated air intake and prevents bubbling of milk, saving precious nutrients from oxidation. (teats are marked with "1/2/3/4" embossing to indicate slow flow/medium flow/fast flow/thick feed respectively).

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HEGEN Botol Susu Teat Thick Feed (2-pack)

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HEGEN Botol Susu Teat Thick Feed (2-pack)

checil25 Jun 2020

yg fast nya ga ada ya?


 • 25 Jun 2020

Sudah sold out mom, kami ready slow, medium dan thick mom.

Rivai19 Okt 2018

ini teat yg paling deres keluarnya kan? ready?


 • 20 Okt 2018

iya mommy.. yg paling deras dibanding dgn yg lain. ready. silahkan diorder :)

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