TAISHO SEIYAKU RiUp X5 Plus Medicated Hair Lotion – 60ml


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TAISHO SEIYAKU RiUp X5 Plus Medicated Hair Lotion – 60ml

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TAISHO SEIYAKU RiUp X5 Plus Medicated Hair Lotion – 60ml

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TAISHO SEIYAKU RiUp X5 Plus Lotion – 60ml. Especially designed for early balding among young to middle aged individuals to help strengthen, thicken and grow their hair. Contains Minoxidil that has been used in over 90 countries. *Not suitable for women.

Out of 100ml: Minoxidil (5.0g); Pyridoxine hydrochloride (0.05g); Tocopherol acetate ester (0.08g); and Menthol (0.3g)
Producer: Taisho Seiyaku
Country of Production: Japan
Amount: 60ml
Delivery: Directly from Japan
*Not suitable for women

The RiUP Series - the only products recognized as having a hair growth action (action which makes hair grow) in Japan - is the number one brand in terms of sales in the hair growth/restoration formula market in Japan. This series has supported many customers due to its effect and ease of use since it was launched in 1999.
●RiUP X5 Plus is a hair growth formula for men that has a 5% formulation of the hair growth ingredient minoxidil together with three additional hair growth supporting ingredients.
●This product demonstrates the hair growth action inherent in minoxidil through a three-pronged action on the deterioration of the scalp environment due to excessive sebum with a focus on the scalp environment distinctive to men.
<Three Hair Growth Supporting Ingredients>
① Pyridoxine hydrochloride: This ingredient prevents sebum clogging in pores to inhibit the osmosis of minoxidil
② Tocopherol acetate: This ingredient suppresses the production of fatty acid peroxides that cause scalp inflammation and odors
③ I-menthol: This ingredient relieves inflammation/itchiness and provides a sensation of coolness
● This product comes in an easy-to-use container that makes it possible to easily measure one dosage.

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TAISHO SEIYAKU RiUp X5 Plus Medicated Hair Lotion – 60ml

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TAISHO SEIYAKU RiUp X5 Plus Medicated Hair Lotion – 60ml

Mikhael27 Jan 2020

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Ready say; iya ini khusus pria say

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60 ml untuk berapa hari? dan cara pakainya kayak gmn


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