AD654JN AD654 JN Monolithic Voltage To Frequency Converter IC BT85

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The AD654 is a monolithic V/F converter consisting of an input amplifier, a precision oscillator system, and a high current output stage. The only requirement to set the desired full scale frequency and a selectable pull up resistor for the open collector out put stage is an RC timing network.

SPECIFICATIONS:(TA = +258C and VS(total)= 5 V to 16.5 V, unless otherwise noted. All testing done @ VS = +5 V)

Current-to-Frequency Converter:
-Frequency Range: 0kHz min. ; 500kHz max.
--- fMAX=250kHZ: 0.06% typ ; 0.1% max
--- fMAX=500kHz: 0.20% typ ; 0.4% max

Analog Input Amplifier:
-Voltage Input Range:
--- Single Supply: 0V min ; (+VS-4)
--- Dual Supply: -VS min ; (+VS-4)
-Input Bias Current(either input): 30nA typ ; 50nA max
-Input Offset Current: 5nA

Power Supply:
-Voltage, Rated Performance: 4.5V min ; 16.5v max
-Quiescent Current:
--- VS(Total) = 5V: 1.5mA typ ; 2.5mA max
--- VS (Total) = 30V: 2.0mA typ ; 3.0mA max

Total Supply Voltage +VS to -VS: 36V
Maximum Input Voltage(Pins 3, 4) to -VS: -300mV to +Vs
Maximum Output Current:
- Instantaneous: 50mA
- Sustained: 25mA
Logic Common to -VS: -500mV to (+VS-4)

Single or Dual Supply, 5 V to 36 V, 65 V to 618 V
Full-Scale Frequency Up to 500 kHz
Minimum Number of External Components Needed
Versatile Input Amplifier
Positive or Negative Voltage Modes
Negative Current Mode
High Input Impedance, Low Drift
Low Power: 2.0 mA Quiescent Current
Low Offset: 1 mV
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