Marumi Creation Variable ND 2.5 - ND 500 Filter [1.3-9 Stop] (77 mm)

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Marumi Creation Variable ND 2.5 - ND 500 Filter [1.3-9 Stop] (77 mm)

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Marumi Creation Variable ND 2.5 - ND 500 Filter [1.3-9 Stop] (77 mm)

Marumi Creation Vari. ND 2.5 - ND 500 (77 mm)

There is the case that you carry multiple standard ND filters and choose one of them, or stack them to realize desired ND value at the shooting site. This filter can reducelight intensity over a wide range from 1/2.5 to 1/500. Since the desired ND value can be adjusted by rotating the filter ring, there is no need to carry many ND filters with different densities. Despite of its double frame structure, it employs slim profile frame (thickness is 5.9mm without thread) to prevent vignetting.

Variable Range
Light Intensity: 1/2.5 to 1/500
Exposure Value: 1 1/3 stops to 9.0 stops
Density: 0.4 to 2.7

For Adjusting Exposure Time: The desired shutter speed can be adjusted without changing the aperture.
For Adjusting Aperture: The desired depth of field can be obtained by adjusting aperture without changing the shutter speed.

Effective for creating digital movie
Since the shutter speed is fixed for digital video camera (ex. 1/60sec., 1/50sec., 1/24sec., etc.), the light volume has to be controlled to adjust aperture for the desired depth of field. This filter is effective to obtain it at any values.
This filter is useful for making fade out effect also.

Key Features
1. Multi-coating for low reflections
2. Satin finished frame
3. Knurling on the frame for easy operation
4. Blackened outer rim for reducing inner reflections

Note :
Semua penjualan kami resmi membayar Pajak PPn 10%.
Untuk Faktur Pajak, Silahkan menghubungi CS langsung.
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