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Eye Definer BLP - Noir

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Eye Definer BLP - Noir

Eye Definer is an intensely pigmented pencil liner with a tip that is perfect for both tight-lining and drawing statement liner on the lids. Equipped with creamy consistency and waterproof formula, it glides effortlessly and allows you to slowly build the strokes in achieving your desired intensity. To remove, simply wash away using makeup remover – minus the excessive rubbing. Noir is your darker-than-the-night kind of shade that is versatile for all eye shapes, across all skin tones. It adds a subtle definition to your eyes, and works equally well for a bolder look. Best paired with Eyeshadow Pen. How to use: • For tight-lining: Using a Q-tip, lift your eyelid and draw a line along your upper waterline. Make sure you have a steady grip upon application. • For subtle, everyday liner: Draw a single line as close as you can to your upper lash line. Try drawing in a single sweep to keep it thin. Add a small flick at the end to elongate your eye shape. • For smokey eyes: Draw a thick line along your upper lash line and smudge it right after with a clean brush or your finger. Add Eyeshadow Pen in Créme Gold as the base for a bolder look and pair with Refined Lashes for a more dramatic look. Netto: 1,2 gr BPOM: NC16201200102 Expiry Date: September 2021

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Eye Definer BLP - Noir

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full-starfull-starfull-starfull-starfull-star oleh Chintri

paket sampai lumayan cepet.
sudah sy pakai, masih ada butiran2 yg jatuh dikelopak mata bawah. tp tdk buat beleber, kelopak mata sy yg sangat oily....

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