FREE ONGKIR, Bola golf Torch

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FREE ONGKIR, Bola golf Torch

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FREE ONGKIR, Bola golf Torch

Tommy Armour Torch Golf Balls
Manufacturer: Tommy Armour

Model: Torch Golf Ball

Condition: New
1 box contain : 12 balls
minimum order : 2 boxes

Ever wonder what it's like to drive it as far as the pros? The two-piece, Torch golf ball is the longest in the Tommy Armour line-up. Smoked, crushed or striped are expressions you might hear after "air-mailing" yet another drive past your playing partners. Try the Torch golf ball and experience real distance for yourself.


2 layer golf ball that will drive farther than your playing partners; ultimately, leaving them in your dust!
Large composite core delivers maximum ball speed for scorching distance
332 dimple design optimizes distance and durability.

Note : Agan2 promo free ongkir sudah tidak ada, maaf.

Please call : 0812 8805 4260.
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