Royal Canin Poodle Adult 3 Kg - Promo Price

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Royal Canin Poodle Adult 3 Kg - Promo Price

  • Berat
    3100 Gram
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  • Asuransi
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    1 Buah
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    1. Home
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Royal Canin Poodle Adult 3 Kg - Promo Price

Poodles are known for their liveliness, curiosity, docility, and their versatile talents. Poodles belong to a group of breeds whose hair continually grows. Their extraordinary coat of fur consists of 20% thick, coarse hair and 80% fine wool hair.
The poodle has an especially high life expectancy and need to be protected against symptoms of old age. For example, the risk of cataract increases with age, normally cause by the uncontrolled presence of free radicals.

Poodles have crowded teeth, between which it is easy for food to collect and cause plaque and tartar build-up.

Royal Canin Poodle Dry Dog Food was uniquely developed with the aforementioned issues in mind:

Radiant Fur: borage seed oil (omega 6 fatty acids) make fur softer. Omega 3 (EPA & DHA and Omega 6 fatty acids support healthy skin formation. Sulphur containing amino acids (methyonine and cystine) encourage persistent coat development. A complex of pantothenate acid, nicotinamid, histidine, inositol, and choline strengthen the skin barrier
Natural Eyesight Maintenance: an anti-oxidant complex (Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Vitamin E & C) helps maintain eyesight and strengthens eye pigmentation.
Tartar/Plaque prophylaxis: a special kibble size and form as well as sodium phosphate support the elimination of tartar and plaque
Cell Protection: a synergistic anti-oxidant complex helps in the fight against cell aging
Cartilage Protection: due to the presence of natural glucosamine and chondroitine sulphate

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Royal Canin Poodle Adult 3 Kg - Promo Price

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Royal Canin Poodle Adult 3 Kg - Promo Price

Doggie poodle sy selalu suka dengan royal cannin krn wangi...jadi sy selalu setia pakai merk ini...
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Royal Canin Poodle Adult 3 Kg - Promo Price

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