Flow Sensor Meter Digital Display Filter Controller Dengann Layar LCD

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Flow Sensor Meter Digital Display Filter Controller Dengann Layar LCD

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    500 gram
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    1 Buah
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Deskripsi Produk

Flow Sensor Meter Digital Display Filter Controller Dengann Layar LCD

Feature :
Very easy to Install
Product with high sealing performance
High quality.
With backlight

Usage of time / flow rate display
When there is water flow, it will automatically jump to the flow rate display, and when there is no water flow, the total time will be displayed. Total time unit DAY
Indicates days, HRS indicates hours, and time units can be switched by long pressing the ""+"" key.
temperature display
Use time/flow rate display
Water flow painting display
Total flow character character TOTAL
Battery indication
Total water consumption
The flow rate unit LPM is “l/min”, GPM is “gallon/min”, can be short-pressed by “-”
Key switch.
3, Battery prompt
The battery alert icon flashes when the battery is low, prompting the user to replace the battery. In electricity
It will not be displayed if there are sufficient quantities.
4, Water flow painting
When a flow of water is detected, the stream head animation will begin to show the water droplets.
5, Total water consumption, flow rate display
The total water consumption is expressed in litres of L and gallons of gallons, and the unit is passed. When the total water consumption is less than
10000L (or GAL) will be accurate to two decimal places, when the total water consumption is greater than 9999.99 L (or GAL)
The decimal point will be hidden. The maximum measurement 999999L (Note: If the upgrade, if the unit is set
Into the GAL, also count 999999L clear 0, that is, remember to 219969GAL clear 0), after more than
Remeasurement starts at 0.
6, K value setting character (K ​​SETTING)
The K value setting character will be displayed when entering the interface number: 00 for the K value setting interface (K SETING)
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Package included:
1 x Digital Flow Meter
1 x G1/2 Flow sensor
1 set of mounting accessories
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