Puritan s Pride Melatonin 10 mg Night Time Sleep Aid 120 Capsules

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Puritan s Pride Melatonin 10 mg Night Time Sleep Aid 120 Capsules
To maintain the health of the cell, maintaining order and stability of the cell metabolism, improve blood flow, and lowering cholesterol helps to sleep faster and sleep longer Regulate body metabolism to make it more stable and orderly.

Melatonin is a drug with a function to regulate the cycle of night and day and sleep wake cycle.

Dark circumstances can stimulate grow to produce more melatonin, which will send signals to the brain so that the body was ready to sleep. While light can lower the production of melatonin and gave a signal to the body to wake up.

Some people who have the problem of sleeplessness have levels of melatonin in the body which is quite low. The addition of melatonin in supplements believed to be helping them to sleep.

Directions :
For Adults Take one (1) capsule at bedtime as melatonin may produce drowsiness .
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