DELTA Mesin Pengikat Genggam Otomatis Kawat Ukuran 8-34mm

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DELTA Mesin Pengikat Genggam Otomatis Kawat Ukuran 8-34mm

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DELTA Mesin Pengikat Genggam Otomatis Kawat Ukuran 8-34mm

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Color: Blue / Yellow (Randomly Send)
Material: Plastic Metal
Voltage: 12V
Battery: 12.8V Lithium Ion Batteries
Battery Capacity: 13200 Mah
Battery Charging Time: 1.5 hours full filling
Tying Wire Diameter: 0.8mm
Tying Wire Length: more than 110 m
Applicable Scope Of Steel Strapping: 8mm - 34mm
Knot Wire Length: 300 - 500mm
Knot Number Per Charge: 1500 times
Knot The Required Time: 0.8 seconds at a time
Machine Size: 275 mm * 65 mm * 240 mm / 10.83''x2.56''x9.45''(appr.)
Charger Plug: China national standard plug (we will send you the suitable adapter according to your location)

Brand New and high quality.
? Compact size, lightweight, easy to grab.
? It can save 3-5 times than man power by hand.
? Rebar Tier is a hand held machine used to pack rebars quickly.
? It is a miniature motor tool has the trait of safety and credibility.
? Used for building market, including civil building, floor pipe, heating floor mesh, steel bar, etc.
? Reasonable structure, advanced craft, simple and convenient operation, high efficiency and convenient maintenance.

Tying Wire Installations
1. In the state of start-up, press the locking plate of the opening wire plate, open the plate cover.
2. Take out the tying wire, tear the packaging film, pull straight wire head about 10 cm, load into the binding machine in the clockwise direction, the wire head into the guide tap tube.
Note: Clench the wire plate when tear the packaging film, do not let the wire loose. If the wire is free to disperse, it will lead to the spread of the wire stuck in the wire plate.
3. Insert the head of the wire guide into the tap pipe until it is
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