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(New Product!!) Switch Fifa 18 (English) ....

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(New Product!!) Switch Fifa 18 (English) ....

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    150 Gram
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Deskripsi produk

(New Product!!) Switch Fifa 18 (English) ....

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Powered by Frostbite

Attention to innovation in true-to-life action, new football worlds and character depth, Frostbite helps to further blur the lines between the virtual and real worlds. Using movie studio-style advanced shadowing and occlusion techniques to benefit character rendering and overall pitch presentation, FIFA 18 delivers the most visually arresting and authentic football simulation ever.

Player Control

Real Player Motion Technology:The all-new, game-changing animation system utilizes pose trajectory matching on every frame to deliver the franchises most responsive and fluid gameplay ever. New motion capture techniques and frame by frame animation transitions ensure gameplay accurately represents the reality of football. Real Player Motion Tech is the catalyst for an increased fidelity in movement for every player on the pitch, immediately taking authenticity to another level.

Player Personality: Six new character archetypes and new player mapping technology differentiate players on the pitch to give them their own distinct identity. For the first time ever, real-world movements, size and attributes inform how a player moves, allowing you to feel the life-like tendencies of the worlds best. Ronaldos signature sprint, Sterlings unique turns, and Robbens distinct arm movement are all immediately recognizable in FIFA 18.

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