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The revolutionary non latex condom, only 0.02 mm thinnes. Best in Japan and in Asia, Sagami believe in inovation and technology to reach perfection.
Now available in Indonesia, for you who pursue the best protected satisfaction with your precious one. Natural intimacy, like no other condom.

110mm perimeter
Nominal width: 55 +/- 2mm
Length: 170 +/- 10mm
Lubricant: Silicone Oil Lubricant
Transparent Straight Walled teat ended
20 microns thinness
(measured by standard of sagami)

7 Characteristics of Sagami Original 0.02 :

1. It just 20 microns in thinness, from ordinary condoms.

2. It transfer heat better than latex condom. Body heat can be transferred, let you feel more natural.

3. 3 times stronger in presure test & 2 times better in tensile strength test *

4. Unlike Latex, Polyurethane is odorless.

5. It looks more natural due to high transparency.

6. Molecule of this material is precisely arranged, thus the surface is very smooth.

7. Polyurethane is widely used in medical device like artificial heart. This material has also been proven to be biocompatible with human; Therefore it is suitable for user with latex allergy.

* compared to normal latex condom

Unlike other condoms, Sagami Original 002 condom packed with Blister Pack. It is easy to open, clean and protect the condom from break up while you tear up the packaging. It is a unique package to make people recognize the differences between latex and Polyurethane condom at a glance. Hygienic and Good Image! Sagami Original can be stored for 10 years, compared to latex that could only last 5 year

- Use only one condom at one time; Use a condom only once. No Method of contraception can provide 100% protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV (AIDS).
- Store in cool dry place.
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