DHC Chitosan Ori Jepang


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DHC Chitosan Ori Jepang

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DHC Chitosan Ori Jepang

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DHC Chitosan 60 Tablet JAPAN Slimming Diet

Blocks the absorption of lipids and salts! Recommended for those who like eating fatty foods to lose weight and to maintain health.
The chitosan, animal dietary fiber that is extracted crab, from the main component chitin of shrimp in the shell or shells. Greasy meals and blocks the fat content that is included in many meat, it is said that there is work to ensure that is not Tamekoma those based on made of extra-prone fat. In addition, in order to influence also in salt block not only the fat content, has been with may be the disturbance of muddy trouble and health value of eating habits is a great influence.

It is recommended to take after a greasy meal.
Chitosan 1 day 3 capsules
#DHC #Chitosan #Powder #Slimming #Diet

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DHC Chitosan Ori Jepang

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