MAXS Casein SR 4lb Slow Realease Protein.

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MAXS Casein SR 4lb Slow Realease Protein.

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MAXS Casein SR 4lb Slow Realease Protein.

MAXS Casein SR 4lb Slow Realease Protein. Ready Rasa Chocolate 4lb (60 Serving) UNLOCK YOUR FULL POTENTIAL WITH CASEIN SR NUTRITION The key to building muscle is to maintain a constant supply of amino acids in your system. Slow release proteins like Micellar Casein and Casein are the best choice because they digest slower to drip feed your muscles over many hours. Casein Protein Complex MAXS Casein SR combines a proven combination of natures best slow release proteins. WHAT IS MICELLAR CASEIN? This form of Caseinis an ultra-slow digesting and absorbing, anti-catabolic protein that inhibits muscle breakdown after hard training and stimulates muscle growth. This unique form is refined to keep the large milk peptide molecules intact, producing a slow digesting, un-denatured, and highly bioactive protein to stimulate growth and improve health. Clinical trials show Micellar Casein can sustain elevated blood amino acids levels for up to 7 hours to keep your muscles growing for longer. Calcium Caseinateis a slow digesting protein that is ideal for trainers with a faster metabolism. During digestion releases bioactive peptides to enhance anabolic growth and improve your metabolism. Vitamins and MineralsCasein SR contains a full spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals to support your bodys metabolism to ensure maximum results. Mix 1 scoop in 200ml of milk or water and mix in a shaker for 30 seconds (1 level scoop = approx. 30 grams). For best results take 1 2 serves during the day and 1 serve 30 minutes before bed. INFO & PEMESANAN : - WA = 087834623065 - Menerima COD Semarang & Salatiga - Tersedia suplemen fitness lengkap utuh & ecer - Pengiriman ke seluruh Indonesia via JNE atau ekspesisi lain terpercaya - Terimakasih Happy Shopping!

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MAXS Casein SR 4lb Slow Realease Protein.

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MAXS Casein SR 4lb Slow Realease Protein.

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