◈Anti-rust Lubricant Car Bolt Wire Loose Door Lock Window


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◈Anti-rust Lubricant Car Bolt Wire Loose Door Lock Window

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◈Anti-rust Lubricant Car Bolt Wire Loose Door Lock Window

Product name: rust remover

*1. Volume: 100 ml
*2. Applicability: remove rust, lubricate

*1. Rust Prevention. The metal has strong surface affinity and permeability, use te product to remove moisture inside the metal capillary to form a dense protective film to isolate moisture and air.
*2. Derusting. Quickly loosen and rust the parts and remove the corrosion of the metal surface
*3. Fast Lubrication. precision lubrication machinery, forming a protective film, no ash, eliminating the fine friction noise between metal link parts, keeping it flexible, and the effect is good.
*4. Dehumidification. Quickly remove moisture and moisture from the metal surface to restore the electrical appliance to normal use. It is a better electric shock reactivation.
*5. Cleaning. Remove deposits such as oil, dirt, dust, etc. that are attached to the metal surface.
*6. Conductance. The product is an insulator, non-conductive, which can quickly remove the oxidation resistance of the contacts and the surface of the plug-in, eliminating circuit failure and restoring conduction.

*1. Shake evenly before use.
*2. Spray the lubricant on the surface.
*3. The rust removal area needs to polished with sandpaper before you spray the lubricant.

Packing list:
rust remover *1

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