Mesin Penghancur Es Batu Elektrik untuk Rumah

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Gunting untuk Tulang Ayam / Ikan / Tulang Ikan
Gunting untuk Tulang Ayam / Ikan / Tulang Ikan
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Mesin Penghancur Es Batu Elektrik untuk Rumah

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Deskripsi produk

Mesin Penghancur Es Batu Elektrik untuk Rumah

Produk ini dikemas dan dikirim dari Luar Negeri (IMPORT), estimasi pengiriman hingga sampai di tempat tujuan 7-10 hari...

The beautiful Ice slicer which in your kitchen will add a shine to your kitchen.Use a shaved ice machine to cool you all summer.If a child is anorexic, do some fruit ice or vegetable smoothies and increase their appetite.Let the old man eat the authentic fruits and vegetables, which is good for the health.It will help you stay away from additives such as pigments and flavorings, which will make you and your family healthy In short, the ice machine works for every family.

Package included
1 x?Ice Shaver?
1 x Plug Adapter

1. Unembroidered steel and hard blade, fully automatic plane out of fine smoothies
2. Click the open design, operate simple, and do as you like (click on the lid to operate)
3. Environmental materials, health and safety
4. Equipped with special dc motor, the ice speed is fast and the noise is small

1.Color: Blue and white
2.Model: VL-3006 A
3.Voltage:AC 220v
4.Frequency:50 HZ
5.Power: 35W
7.Size:290 *185 *200(LxWxH)
8.Body material: PP

Note:According to different regional ,we will distribute different adapter, you can also give us a message.

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