NIKON Arcrest Protector Filter 67mm

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NIKON Arcrest Protector Filter 67mm

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NIKON Arcrest Protector Filter 67mm

NIKON Arcrest Protector Filter 67mm
A high-performance protective filter that uses the ultra-low reflection AR coating and achieves high optical performance, bringing the

lens's original descriptive power to the limit.

This is a high-performance protective filter that realizes high optical performance that protects important lenses while minimizing the effect on images. High-quality optical glass is surface-polished with high precision, and mounted on the filter frame with Nikon's original “flat-plane system” to maintain the flatness. In addition, the variation in reflectivity in the entire visible light range is small, and the one-side reflectivity is close to about 0.1%. Reduces the occurrence of ghosts and flares that lead to decline Compared to when shooting without a filter, the image quality is comparable.

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