Stiker Pelindung Bumper Bahan Clear Vinyl untuk Mobil

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Stiker Pelindung Bumper Bahan Clear Vinyl untuk Mobil

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Deskripsi Produk

Stiker Pelindung Bumper Bahan Clear Vinyl untuk Mobil


-Barang import langsung dari China
-Estimasi sampai Jakarta 1-2 minggu
-FREE ONGKIR dari China ke gudang JNE jakarta


Variasi : 1m x 15cm, 2m x 15cm, 3m x 15cm,

Material: Polyurethane(Comes with Glue)
Ultra-tough, high flexibility; excellent anti-scratch ability; anti-scratch.
Excellent resistance to debris hitting ability, anti-stoning, paint protection.
Dimensions: 1Mx15CM/2Mx15CM/3Mx15CM (length * wide)
Color: Clear
Excellent heat tolerance to cold, improve paint thermal aging capacity.
To improve paint UV aging, good anti-chemical corrosion resistance, good weathering capabilities.
High transparency for any color paint, transparent plastic surface does not change color, not yellow.
Automotive paint protection film, also known as anti-zoned film, it is a high performance polyurethane film with super toughness, resistance to scratching, anti-collision. Paste it, you can make the car finish high wear areas damaged.
Installation method:
1, with alcohol or foam cleaning agents will be posted where all the clean dirt, if surface have wax must be use water wax and above 60 degrees hot water clean.
2, the shape of the film and the door trim to make a comparison, cut off the excess part.
3, the mucosal tear clung to it, if uneven places his hand pulled aside, and then hot air gun (or hair dryer) heat, lightly press can be.
Package include:
1 x Car Protection Film
(Only the film, does not include a utility knife, scraper, hair dryer)
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