Xiaomi TDS Automatic Water Pump Pompa Galon Air Minum

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Xiaomi TDS Automatic Water Pump Pompa Galon Air Minum

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    600 gram
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    1 Buah
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Xiaomi TDS Automatic Water Pump Pompa Galon Air Minum

Xiaomi TDS Automatic Water Pump Pompa Galon Air Minum

=Compatible With A Variety Of Water Bucket Sizes
Compatible design, multi-purpose, easy to match a variety of bucket sizes, easy to use. It can also avoid secondary pollution caused by alternating containers

=One-touch Operation
TDS Automatic Water Pump requires only one-touch operation to detect water quality and drink healthy water.

=0.2 Second Fast Response
Water pump does not store water and prevents bacterial growth. Every time you need to drink water, a powerful power motor can react quickly and make water out immediately.

=Real-time Water Quality Testing
TDS Automatic Water Pump has a water quality detection function to screen three types of impurities in water in real time: soluble salts, ionic organics, heavy metal ions. Before drinking water, you can clearly understand the quality of water, drink water safely, and live a healthy life.

=Display Water Quality Data
TDS Water Pump can clearly display real-time water quality data. Generally, the lower the TDS value, the less soluble salts such as heavy metal ions in water, and the purer and safer the water.

=Food Grade Material
Water pump and water contact parts are strictly food grade materials, safely reinforced, and healthy.

Package Contents:
1 x TDS Automatic Water Pump
1 x water Cable / selang 58 cm

Function: Water Pump, TDS Water Quality Test
Material: Foodgrade Material
Color: White
Weight: 400g
Voltage: 5V
Applicable Water Temperature: 5℃ -45℃
Load Weight Value: ≤590N
Power Supply: USB Charging
Charging Time: 3 Hours

Package Details:
Package weight: 1.200 kg
Package size (L x W x H): 11.00 x 11.00 x 14.00 cm
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