Almighty 5 in 1 Professional Camera Cleaning Kit Pembersih

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Almighty 5 in 1 Professional Camera Cleaning Kit Pembersih

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    200 gram
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Deskripsi Produk

Almighty 5 in 1 Professional Camera Cleaning Kit Pembersih

This Professional cleaning kit is exclusively designed for cleaning digital and analog photographic devices,especially glass,plastic and multicoated lens and filters.Photographic devices should be cleaned softly and immediately after using.

Lens Pen:
Workmanship, more durable and longer life. A special cleaning tools, precision optical lenses and all LCD screens can be safely and easily remove fingerprints, dirt and grease, including multi-coated lenses. Dry cleaning head of graphite material will have a residual moisture does not need to dry, freely retractable brush, easy to carry. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic!

Professional blowing:
Adoption of the European medical environmental blowing through ROHS, REACH certification. Inlet and outlet of the head and tail of two holes, completely avoid the possibility of secondary pollution, the built-in tail valve, inflatable cushioning without good results. High precision molds, surface treatment fine. No longer have to worry about blowing the dust on the image sensor, with a total length of about 13cm, copper-plated head nozzles, never rust, the balloon material is environmentally friendly PVC, soft and comfortable, wind power, for a variety of precision instruments.

Cleaning fluid
It is extracted from natural plant in form of gelatinit has such functions as fast decontamintation, sterilization and electrostatic prevention .it can create a safer and more friendly environment.

Cleaning cloth:
Made from a soft, lint-free material, this heavy-duty cloth features reinforced stitching along the edge for long-lasting performance, soft and comfortable. Can be repeatedly cleaned.

Size: 240 x 155 x 70mm
Weight: 160g
Color: Blue
Suitable for: Camera, DC, DV, Computer, PAD, Lenses, CCD,
COMS, Filters and other optics.
Package: Power Blower
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