Haple Nature Oil Pure Rose Water

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Haple Nature Oil Pure Rose Water

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    150 gram
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Deskripsi Produk

Haple Nature Oil Pure Rose Water

As we know, The right way to using oils is when your face is on wet conditions, and when you use this Rose water before oils, you'll see a significant result!

This makes your oils works faster, glowing your skin, make the oils absorb very quickly, refreshed and purify your skin and many more benefits such as :
1. Balancing the skin PH
2. Controls excess oil (but suitable for Dry skin too, because it's also moisturizing)
3. Has anti-inflammatory which can help you reduce the redness of the skin, get rid of acne, reduce dermatitis and eczema.
4. Deep cleansing. Removing oils and dirt in clogged pores.
5. Hydrate, revitalize and moisturize
6. Wound healing aid
7. Refreshed and purify the skin
8. Prevent breakouts
9. As an anti-aging, reduce fine lines and dark circles

You can also use this to your hair for treating dandruff, dry and damaged hair. Just spray it after shampoo
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