Coby Haus Fence 14+2+2 Pagar Pengaman Bayi

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Coby Haus 14+2+2
Size 240x190x60cm

Providing the best facilities for children is the obligation of every parent. And having your own playground with the best level of security is the hope of every child. For this reason, we come with quality play fences and BPA-free materials. So it is safe for children.Lots of mothers should have experience that baby is under the age of 2 is always crawling around at home. Children seem to have endless energy to explore the world, they also have no sense of security and the body’s ability to control is still in development. The Coby Fence (14 + 2 + 2) can provide children a safety and recreational space.

Design : Bear & ButterflyColor : Pink, Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow (Mix Color)
Material : Plastic BPA Free
Panel : 14 Panel + 2 Stand Alone + 1 Door + 1 Activity Board
Weight : 32 Kg
Age : 0+
Safety :Game on the Activity Board.The material used is BPA free and non-toxic.With the diversification of combination, any shapes can be decorated according to your need.Safety lock design makes parents feel at ease in any place when baby is playing.Easy & quick installation.Panel Size ( 1pc ) = 40cm (L) x 60cm (H).Door Rail / Play Rail Size = 80cm (L) x 60cm (H).Stand Alone = 70cm (L) x 60cm (H).
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