Maja Raw Activated Walnut 250 gr

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Maja Raw Activated Walnut 250 gr

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    300 gram
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Deskripsi Produk

Maja Raw Activated Walnut 250 gr

Health benefits from Walnut:

1. Rich in vit E, calcium, magnesium & potasium
2. Good for brain
3.Help to decrease the level of LDL
4. A diet snack to aid weight loss
5. High in antioxidant

Why must be activated ?

Raw nuts contain phytic acid, which prevent your body from receiving the full benefit of the nutrients of the nuts, it also contains enzyme inhibitors that make the nuts hard to digest. The soaking will break down the phytic acid and the enzyme inhibitors. Activated nuts are more digestible, more nutritious, and more healthy than natural or roasted nuts.

How to activate the Mix Nuts & Seeds

1. Pour the salt water over the raw nuts and allow the to soak in period of 12 – 16 hours
2. Drain the salt water and rinse with clean water
3. The dehydrate at low temperatures (50 degree) over 12 – 24 hour period until dry.
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