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    250 gram
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Deskripsi Produk

Specification :
Material = TPU
Color = Sky blue
Net weight = 200gr
Water temperature = - 20 > 50
Capacity = 2 Liter

Product Description :
1. Material : Double side TPU. Material has the characteristics of high resistance to hydrolysis, strong antibacterial, high strength and high water resistance.
[in line with China's GB standards and the United States FDA or NSF food grade standards,
and European EN71 does not contain heavy metals and toxic test specification.
2. TPU double-sided adhesive technology (heat seal process process does not use the glue material, avoid toxic substances, possible) strength: water resistance test is greater than or equal to 60 kg
3. Nozzle system silicone tube : adopt watertight watertight type nozzle. The installation of a nozzle opening and closing device. Use in the open state [just gently with the mouth open.
Convenient and safe drinking water; the locked state, the water will not flow, good sealing; with the silicone suction nozzle design allows the water when the hands free, convenient exercise, especially suitable for outdoor sports]
4. Injection nozzle: easy to operate, safe use [] won't lose the lid; sealing design quality, a silicone rubber gasket is not seepage Water Leakage.
5. With water bag body and a faucet connected by three connection kit, this place often pull so easily loose, Triple Suite is more reliable! Water pipe connecting the end of the silicone gasket will not be water seepage, leakage.
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