LEGO 76068 - Super Heroes - Mighty Micros: Superman vs. Bizarro

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Pit Superman against Bizarro in this fun Mighty Micros set. Each vehicle is the perfect size for these short-legged minifigures and features a seat on top and big fists that are perfect for fast-paced battling fun. Each character also comes with its own Kryptonite accessory element.

Includes two minifigures with mini legs: Superman and Bizarro.
Supermans Mighty Micros car features a minifigure cockpit, Superman logo and giant fists.
Bizarros reverse-built Mighty Micros car also features giant fists.
Drive Bizarro backwards in his reverse-built vehicle and throw his Kryptonite in the wrong direction!
Accessory elements include Superman's blue translucent Kryptonite and Bizarro's green translucent Kryptonite.
This set offers an age-appropriate build andplay experience for ages 5-12.
Supermans Mighty Micros car measures over 1 (4cm) high, 2 (6cm) long and 1 (5cm) wide.
Bizarros Mighty Micros car measures over 1 (4cm) high, 2 (6cm) long and 1 (5cm) wide.
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