Banfang Mangkuk Makanan dengan Bahan Keramik dan Gambar Motif Marmer

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Banfang Mangkuk Makanan dengan Bahan Keramik dan Gambar Motif Marmer

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Deskripsi Produk

Banfang Mangkuk Makanan dengan Bahan Keramik dan Gambar Motif Marmer

product details
Material: Ceramic
Popular elements: ink wind
Applicable people: Volkswagen
Color Classification: 4 inch flavored dish 4.5 inch rice bowl 7 inch surface bowl 7.5 inch shallow dish 8 inch shallow dish 10 inch shallow dish 7.5 inch deep dish 9 inch deep dish
Tea Tableware Process: Underglaze
Pattern: gold trim
Number: 1
Style: Nordic style
Source of main map: Self-realized map

Product Features
* Marble flow naturally smooth
* Delicate tactile
* Hand painted gold fashion elegance

Before buying
* Ceramic products Occasional black spots, agglomerated lacquer, and small pits are normal phenomena.
* Hand-painted gold painting Hand-painted, there are Phnom Penh color, uneven thickness, lack of glaze, dyeing and so on.
* Individual packaging There are independent packaging, safe and secure in the transportation process, and it is suitable for personal use.

Care tips:
1. If you enter the dishwasher, please select the "Send porcelain and crystal" type dishwasher.
2. If there is a tea stain, use lemon juice or vinegar to clean; if there is scratching, squeeze the toothpaste on the sponge cloth and gently wipe it.
3. Do not use hard materials such as steel balls to wipe hard so as not to damage or scratch the enamel.

1. Most of the products in the store are fragile and delicate items, please take it gently, and keep it in a place where children are not easily accessible
2. About color difference: products are taken in kind, because the light angle, the monitor is different and other objective reasons will cause a certain color, please forgive me
3. Regarding the size: due to the different shooting angles, it will cause some visual errors. The product descriptions have detailed dimensional descriptions. It is recommended that buyers take their own ruler measurements when purchasing.
4. About damage: Our solemnly acknowledged that the parcel was damaged in transit, you can contact the customer service staff within 24 hours
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