LCD Dual Digital Battery Charger BC-Q2 For Baterai Sony NP-FM500/F970

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Product Description
This New Dual LCD Charger for Sony NP970 is a modern dual battery charger with advanced features and LCD display. After plugging the charger
and mounting batteries the charger tests battery charge level and begins charging in the chosen mode. The mode charges slowly, but the
battery is charged better - it will last longer. The ' mode is faster so that you can get your batteries charged faster when in a hurry.
The built-in microchip protects the batteries from overheating and overcharging. When the batteries are fully charged and ready for work the
process will stop.

Dual LCD Charger for Sony NP970 Battery
Intelligent Dual Charger charges two lithium-ion batteries at the same time.
Recognizes when charging, the charging voltage required, so no battery damage occurs.
LCD display tells it the current charge status
Dual charging modes (Faster Mode for quick charge and Low Speed Mode for normal charge)
As a little extra at the side of the Chargers a USB port for additional charging of mobile devices (5V, 2100mAh).
CE RoHS & BS1363 Compliant, Short Circuit Protection

Compatible Models:
For Sony NP-F970 F960 F950 F770 F750 F730
Fit for: Sony NP-500 / NP-F330 / NP-F500 / NP-F530 / NP-F55 / NP-F550 / NP-F550J / NP-F560 / NP-F570 /
Fit for: Sony NP-710 / NP-720 / NP-730 / NP-F710 / NP-F720 / NP-F730 / NP-F730H / NP-F750 / NP-F770 /
Fit for: Sony NP-930 / NP-960 / NP-F930 / NP-F930/B / NP-F950 / NP-F950/B / NP-F960 / NP-F970 / NP-F970/B etc...
Fit for: NP-FM50 NP-FM55H NP-FM500H NP-FM70 NP-FM90
Fit for: NP-QM71 NP-QM91 NP-QM51D NP-QM71D NP-QM91D
Fit for: Panasonic VBD1 / VBD2
Fit for: JVC V607u / V617u

Package Includes:
1x LCD Dual Charger
1x AC Power Cord
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