Richell Baby Food Freezer Tray 25ml

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Richell Baby Food Freezer Tray 25ml

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Richell Baby Food Freezer Tray 25ml

Lid tray
Koboremasenn baby food freezer drawer-type also.

Different size between stack is accepted.
Stacked in the freezer, storage sukkiri can.

Easy eject!
You can remove the frozen food is one by one. Simply pour into
Container and lid are divided, so easy to put baby foods.

Wakewake freezing.
Block 15 Wakewake freezing.
Block 25 Wakewake freezing.
Block 50
15 25 50

Make a handy baby edible subdivision frozen trays.
You can choose from three types of 15 ml, 25 ml, 50 ml 1 block amount.
Early weaning diet (5.6 months)
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