Casing PC ABKO CRONOS 610S - ATX , Full Acrylic Panel

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Casing PC ABKO CRONOS 610S - ATX , Full Acrylic Panel

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Casing PC ABKO CRONOS 610S - ATX , Full Acrylic Panel

Casing PC ABKO CRONOS 610S *NEW (ATX , Full Acrylic Panel , Built in Fan 14cm )

The front of the CRONOS 610S has two rows of spectrum LED designs that can be used in different LED modes. You can build a superior tuning system with the full acrylic sheet side panel optimized for tuning. Colorful spectrum LEDs are applied to the front panel and you can enjoy a variety of light effects by choosing different LED modes. The air holes are arranged on the front strip groove in the luxurious and modern design, and this provides cooling and a perfect tuning system. It offers a space where the wind can flow around, the cold wind absorbs quickly and keeps the inside temperature in the optimum condition. The fully optimized acrylic panel for alignment is mounted on the side, so you can see the system configuration safely and vividly in real time.

Left side full acrylic panel
Built in 140mm fan at rear
Front spectrum LED
I/O port
Top magent type dust filter
Bottom removeable dust filter
Moveable HDD bays
SDD mounting spaces
Power supply mounting at bottom
CPU Cooler: 180mm
GPU: 395mm
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