SKYRC NC2500 (Multi Functions Charger & Analyzer) Diskon

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SKYRC NC2500 (Multi Functions Charger & Analyzer) Diskon

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SKYRC NC2500 (Multi Functions Charger & Analyzer) Diskon

Connect Ke HP Via Bluetooth (Android Atau Apple)


-- Charging Current:0.2-2.5A
-- Discharging Current:0.1-1.0A
-- Discharging Termination Voltage: Standard Alone Mode:0.9V, Smart Phone Control Mode:0.5-1.0V
-- Battery Capacity Range:500mAh-3500mAh
-- Top off Charging Current:100mA
-- Maintenance Charging Current(Trickle)30mA
-- Input Power:12V/2.5A
-- USB Power:5V/1A
-- Weight :370g / 13 oz
-- Dimensions(L*W*H):154*104*50mm / 6 x 4.1 x 1.96 inch


There are 5 modes of operations depend on different battery conditions.
The following functions can be selected:
* CHARGE: Normal charge with selected current (200-2500mA)
* DISCHARGE: Discharge battery with selected current (100-1000mA)
* CYCLE: Charge and discharge a couple of times, both charge current, discharge current and cycle count (1-12) can be adjusted.
* BREAK-IN: Slow charge the battery for 16 hours (100mA), discharges and then charges again.
* REFRESH: Charge, discharge and charge, both charge current and discharge current can be adjusted.

Best Fitur :
You could control this smart charger by your smart phone via Bluetooth (See Picture)

Please Note:

To ensure safety, the charger performs an "impedance check" at the beginning of the program.If the battery fails this test, "FAIL" would be displayed and program will be terminated.Built-In PTC thermistor to avoid over heat and independent negative delta V eliminates over and undercharging.
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