LINDY #41540 CROMO Mini DisplayPort Cable, 0.5m


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LINDY #41540 CROMO Mini DisplayPort Cable, 0.5m

  • Berat
    60 Gram
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    1 Buah
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    1. Home
    2. Komputer & Laptop
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    4. Kabel & Konektor
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Deskripsi produk

LINDY #41540 CROMO Mini DisplayPort Cable, 0.5m

Product Features
• Fully compliant with VESA Association specifications and certified by DisplayPort 1.2 ATC
• Contact terminals are plated with 24k of pure gold up to 15u, providing high durability and contact signal Reliability
• The connectors are chrome-plated, stylish and aesthetically pleasing, while
preventing unnecessary noise • High-density three-layer masking to protect high-frequency digital signals and reduce the loss of signal attenuation
• Iron grey high-quality PVC outer covering, 65% copper Foil Woven Mesh, Each Group of Conductor Covered Aluminum Foil Mylar
• Wire is treated with high-density masking, eliminating the need for additional magnetic rings to suppress electromagnetic interference
• The transmission of long meters can be achieved without wafers, there is no directional problem in use
• German International Brand LINDY, European best-selling product
• RoHS compliant, protects the earth together, reduces environmental pollution, protects human health

This superb cable benefits from advanced design and construction to provide the best possible performance and reliability. It's 24K gold plated connector pins ensure superb signal integrity and corrosion resistance whilst the shielded cable design allows consistent performance, even over longer transmission distances.

One Cable
All of your HD video and audio in one cable. Say goodbye to cable clutter. One DisplayPort has over twice the capability of one single channel DVI cable.

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LINDY #41540 CROMO Mini DisplayPort Cable, 0.5m

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