3ce Tattoo Lip Tint - candu jelly

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3ce Tattoo Lip Tint - candu jelly

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3ce Tattoo Lip Tint - candu jelly

3ce Tattoo Lip Tint Original
Cek stock 1st ^^

Long Lasting tidak hilang walau dihapus pakai cleansing tissue
terbuat dari TINTA yang aman jika termakan, aman pula jika terbawa tidur
TIDAK HILANG walau dipakai minum & makan berat
vivid color & Non drying lips

#1 Candy jelly
#2 Coma
#3 Coolest
#4 Luztic
#5 Yay or Nay

The tints texture are in between a gloss and jelly. The doe foot applicator makes it easy to apply a precise lip line or to build a gradient. When first applied, there is a nice hydrated glossy finish but it faded within an hour to a flat tint. I previously had lip balm over my wintery chapped lips, and despite my dry patches, the tint looked even in color.
In terms of wear time, I got about 5 hours without a noticeable difference. Once I started to eat and drink it wore off quite quickly. At that point, it had the same effect all tints have on me where they disappear everywhere but cling to their death onto my driest patches. There was transfer on cups and napkins, so be aware while it was minimal this is not 100% transfer proof.
Overall I would say if Id say its a lovely, even-wearing formula and if you love tints you love these.

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3ce Tattoo Lip Tint - candu jelly

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3ce Tattoo Lip Tint - candu jelly

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