TPA3110 2*15 30W Digital HiFi Audio Stere Amplifier Board 2.1

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TPA3110 2*15 30W Digital HiFi Audio Stere Amplifier Board 2.1

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TPA3110 2*15 30W Digital HiFi Audio Stere Amplifier Board 2.1

TPA3110 2*15+30W Digital HiFi Audio Stere Amplifier Board 2.1 channel Amplifier Board AC Dual 9V-Dual 16V DC 9V-26V

Model Number : Digital Audio Stere Amplifier Board
Brand Name : Olive Leaf
Channels : 3 (2.1)
Package : No
Maximum Power Per Channel : 30W

Voltage 9v-26vMAX

Current 6A MAX 0.05A Static

Gain 26db (maximum)

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD+N) ≈ 0.08%

Front channel power 15w*2

Bass channel power 30w

Input impedance 120Ω

Output impedance 4Ω/8Ω

Frequency division point 120Hz

Signal to noise ratio 96db

Full digital amplifier, high efficiency, high power bass output, good sound quality, especially suitable for high-end computer speakers, AC input directly without external capacitors

60W high power is generally enough to listen to a movie, and the potentiometer has half of the sound is already very large. It is suitable for 2.1 computer speakers.
The bass and bass are adjusted independently.
LoZ low-impedance input greatly suppresses the noise, and the use of a general-quality audio cable floating without any noise.
The introduction of high-power speakers, the greater the power effect.

XH2.54 & 3.5mm input, suitable for mobile phones, computers, CD players and other audio sources.

90% of power amplifier parts adopt full-mount lead-free environmental protection SMT production process, and the consistency is very good

Power amplifier board has perfect short-circuit protection, overload protection, over-temperature protection, horn output DC protection.
The protection circuit works with a red light.

High efficiency, no heat dissipation, overheat protection.
The power supply supports DC and AC, and DC is connected between any AC and GND (AC is positive).
Exchange support dual 9V-double 16V.
DC voltage is 9V-26V universal, the voltage can not be higher than 26V.

Using the United States imported TPA3110D2 chip, the former
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