Alat Pemijat Pembesar Otot Payudara Bokong Pelangsing Fitness Pria

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Alat Pemijat Pembesar Otot Payudara Bokong Pelangsing Fitness Pria

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Alat Pemijat Pembesar Otot Payudara Bokong Pelangsing Fitness Pria

Hot Electronic Muscle Body Toner Slimming Massager Sculptor Fitness System

Introductions: Your muscles are stimulated twice, with up to 100 exertion and relaxation impulses.

That way you will get your desired results twice as fast. Gymform Duo stimulates and trains your muscles, and thanks to the additional massaging effect your skin is tightened and supplied with blood.

Gymform Duo works without the need for creams, and free of any hindering cables. Simply apply it to the body parts that you want to train, and switch it on. Gymform Duo is very handy, enabling you to reach and train all problematic areas.

- Dual contact muscle stimulation technology gives your muscles a great workout.
- Gently makes your muscles contract and relax, strengthens and sculpts muscles.
- Completely safe to use, pain free Wireless system.
- Super compact design fits in the palm of your hand or underneath your cloth.
- 6 Muscle Toning Programs and 10 Intensity Levels.
- Can exercise two muscle areas at the same time and get twice the results.
- 100 times muscle impulse per minute.
- Helps to burn your fat and makes you slim.

Output Voltage: DC 6V
Frequency: 250Hz
Mode: 6.

Package Included:
1* Slimming Massager
1* User manual
2 pads

##Tambahkan toko kami sebagai toko favorit anda karena kami akan selalu terus menambahkan barang baru dengan harga dan kualitas terbaik. Anda juga dengan akan mudah menemukan toko kami kembali.##
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