Fortan - Knobletten 100 gr

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Fortan - Knobletten 100 gr

  • Berat
    300 gram
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    1 Buah
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    1. Home
    2. Perawatan Hewan
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    4. Obat & Vitamin Anjing
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Deskripsi Produk

Fortan - Knobletten 100 gr

Untuk anjing dan kucing

As long as there have been animal foodstuffs, nourishing vegetable substances have been included as a matter of course as means of ensuring both the health and performance of domestic pets.
Wild garlic (allium ursinum) is known for its strength-giving properties.
Living in the wild, the predecessors of our domesticated dogs absorbed these substances, in the shape of herbs, from eating the stomachs of their prey.
Our modern pets need to have these substances added to their daily diet in order for them to remain fit and strong.
Regular intake of FORTAN Knobletten helps to maintain the body's own immune system. Garlic helps the body to ensure a healthy balance.
The essential oils contained in this natural product have a beneficial effect on all the body functions, especially on older dogs.
In dog breeding circles, garlic has been recognised for years as
a useful contribution to the dog's daily food intake.
Compounds of sulphur contained in yeast are of great value to the animal's skin and coat and are supplemented by additional valuable compounds found in garlic.
Another advantage of garlic is that it creates an environment that wards off parasites and pests.
FORTAN Knobletten is an additional nutrient for dogs of all breeds.

Yeasts, garlic, minerals, wild garlic 5%, milk/dairy products.
Average analysis:
Crude protein 27,5 %, crude fat 8,0 %, crude fibres 1,7 %, raw ash 23,0 %.
Feeding instructions

up to 5 kg = 2 tabl.

up to 10 kg = 4 tabl.

up to 20 kg = 8 tabl.

up to 30 kg = 12 tabl.

1 Tabl. FORTAN Knobletten = 500 mg.

(u/ mengobati sakit kulit spt Scabies, Demodex, Jamur)

400 gr / 800 Tab
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