Mookie Soft Baked Cookies (6 pcs)

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Mookie Soft Baked Cookies (6 pcs)

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Mookie Soft Baked Cookies (6 pcs)

Mookie's best selling soft baked cookies!
Box of 6 (each box contains 6 pcs of cookies)

- please input the name and quantity of the cookies on the description box when ordering
- specially for TRIPLE CHOCOLATE please order a MINIMUM of 3 pcs

Signature Flavors:
- Original Chocolate Chip (chewy butter cookies with Belgian dark chocolate chips)
- Triple Chocolate Chip (made with 3 types of dark chocolate, brownie-like texture)
- Salted Caramel (chewy butter cookies filled with housemade salted caramel, Belgian dark choco chips and topped with sea salt)

Seasonal Flavors:
- Biscoff Garden Cookies (Chewy and fudgy cookie mixed with marshmallows, filled with biscoff spread and topped with spiced biscuits)
- Summer Cookies (Chewy infused earl grey & lavender cookie mixed with white chocolate chips)
- White Ruby Cookies (Chewy cookie mixed with ruby chocolate, white chocolate, dried strawberries, and topped with edible rose)

- Freshly baked happiness made with premium quality ingredients
- Made by order
- Made with no preservatives, consumed within 4 days
- Cookie diameter 8-10 cm

We ship cookies all over Indonesia, thus we do not guarantee the result of the cookies upon arrival and are not responsible when the cookies have been shipped. Many of our customers have tried and their cookies turned out very well.
Working hours:
Monday to Friday 8 am - 5 pm
Saturday 8 am - 1 pm
Sunday 9 am - 3 pm

Max confirmation delivery by Gojek, at 1 pm
Confirmation above 1 pm, or outside working hour will be deliver on the next day or the next working day

If this product is out of stock
Customer order which confirm after 11 am, will be delivered on the next day or the next working day.


Freshly Baked Happiness
Instagram: @mookie.id
Line: @mookie
Mail: info.mookie@gmail.com

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Mookie Soft Baked Cookies (6 pcs)

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Mookie Soft Baked Cookies (6 pcs)

Cookiesnya enak bgt, coklatnya melted klo kita panasin di oven. Bakalan order lg,nagih :)
6 bulan lalu oleh Lia

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Mookie Soft Baked Cookies (6 pcs)

Ratih22 Des 2019

halo mookie ini 1 box bisa di tambah lg nga 2 cookie kira2?


 • 22 Des 2019

Halo kak , mohon maaf tidak bisa kak karena 1 box hanya untuk isi 6 pcs. Jika ditambah riskan ancur kak

Bhuil3 Agt 2019

halo mohon maaf mau tanya, utk mookie cookies apakah halal? terimakasih sebelumnya


 • 3 Agt 2019

halal kak,dan semua bahan baku tidak ada yang mengandung alcohol

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