Stable Signal Easy Operation Analog Modulator RF To AV TV Receiver

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100% brand new and of high quality
Received signal is stable, reliable, and can store 251 channels to receive television programs, cable television network can adapt to future needs
Switching power supply for wide voltage range (110-240V) high efficiency, low heat, safe and reliable
Has a remote shutdown, time off, and 10 minutes no signal automatic shutdown function
Features AV input and output ports, applicable to all television use
Applicable to projectors, multimedia, network engineering
Easy to operate, convenient, clear display, volume, channel operation in the tuner window display.
Operation Tips: Connect the TV AV port, the TV to AV mode, boot, press the remote control directly SEARCH quickly search the station, or press the MENU button, right to the default bar, press the down arrow Find automatically, press the right button will automatically search for the channel sound in the settings
Color: black
Size: about 101 x 64 x 21mm
Voltage: AC 110-240V
RF output: 75Ω unbalanced
VH band: AC 220V (max 200W)
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