Lens Hood 58mm Reverseable (bisa bolak balik) for Canon Nikon Lenshood

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58mm New Professional Reversible Petal Lens Hood

Finally a 58mm hood that you can keep on your camera at all times. Simply screw the base of the hood onto your 58mm lens. Then snap the body of the hood on the lens facing out when you want to use the hood or facing in when you want to store the hood.
Easy to use screw-mount screws right onto your lens or filter.
Lens hoods are one of the most important accessories you can purchase to improve the quality of your photos, and usually the most overlooked by beginner and amateur photographers. The addition of a lens hood can help prevent those circles of light that can accompany images where a strong light source is just outside the frame.

Professional tulip shape design (also known as 'flower' or 'petal' shape) allows for greater versatility. Perfect for standard or zoom lenses.
Lens hoods also have the added benefit of providing extra protection to your lens from accidental bumps or scratches.
Solid and lightweight feel. Specifically designed for a tight and secure fit.
Please confirm your lens filter size before you order. Your camera's lens thread size will be marked somewhere on the lens barrel or on the inside of your existing camera lens cap. This number is often preceded by a (diameter) symbol. For example: 55 = 55mm lens thread size.
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