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-Barang import langsung dari China
-Estimasi sampai Jakarta 1-2 minggu
-FREE ONGKIR dari China ke gudang JNE jakarta


Variasi : 17 lubang ek intel, Hewan dressup bent, 11 lubang multifun, 13 lubang mobil bu, 13 lubang bentuk b,

Buyer Notice:
Dear buyer, I wish you a happy shopping in this store. You need to know something about it!
1, the store is an overseas spot, the order is sent within 1-4 days, the normal 10-15 days can be delivered to the store
2, overseas delivery process: delivery to the customs, and then the customs transfer to the Malaysian customs will not notify the buyer has shipped, please know that once the parcel is sent out, it will not be returned, if the buyer does not want or cancel Orders then we have to lose directly, the pressure is great, please understand, if you have any questions, please contact customer service, thank you.
3, the store is a large business, the product is rich in quantity, all goods are in stock, please note that there are no color options for individual products. For color requirements, please contact customer service to confirm the color you want.
[Design each color with your heart, fashion trend, you deserve it]
Warm tips:
Please compare with your size and check the color carefully before you buying

Any questions,welcome to useChatto contact us,we will reply asap.

If you like our store,please add it to your Shipping Cart.Thank you very much!!!
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