Zuru Xshot Hawkeye - by Emco Hawk Eye

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Zuru Xshot Hawkeye - by Emco Hawk Eye

  • Berat
    1800 Gram
  • Kondisi
  • Asuransi
  • Pemesanan Min
    1 Buah
  • Kategori
    1. Home
    2. Olahraga
    3. Hiking & Camping
    4. Survival Kit & Alat Multifungsi
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Deskripsi produk

Zuru Xshot Hawkeye - by Emco Hawk Eye

The Hawkeye features a wide plunger tube like its brethren. The plunger tube ID is 27.5mm, while the draw is about 47mm. The spring is also decently strong, although an upgrade couldn’t hurt. With the included darts, the Hawkeye gets 83 fps on average. With Nerf Elites, I averaged 78fps. It should be noted that Elite darts just barely cleared the inside of the break-action barrel. Depending on the dart (and if you’ve loaded it all the way into the chamber), you may have issues. While the break action is fun to use, it ultimately slows down your rate of fire by a large margin. The best I could accomplish was one dart every five seconds, and that was without really aiming the blaster. Don’t expect to be mowing down zombies with this blaster. It would, however, be a good blaster to start a kid with.

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Zuru Xshot Hawkeye - by Emco Hawk Eye

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Zuru Xshot Hawkeye - by Emco Hawk Eye

Heri Apr 2020

ready gan? bisa gosend hari ini?


 • Apr 2020

Masih say dtggu pesanannya ya :* Semua jasa kirim bisa di hari yang sama untuk invoice sebelum pk 1400wib ya (Untuk Weekend + Tgl merah situasional Dears..)

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