Organic Supply Co - Sweet Almond Oil Organic - 30ml

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Organic Supply Co - Sweet Almond Oil Organic - 30ml

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Organic Supply Co - Sweet Almond Oil Organic - 30ml



Sweet Almond oil contains Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and Vitamin D. Rich inprotein, linoleic acid, minerals and very high in Omega-6 fatty acids. Sweet Almond oil is an all-natural oil that is perfect for nourishing and reviving any skin type. Easily absorbed and will not clog pores, promoting clear, soft, healthy skin. One of its prixed facial care benefit is it can smooth out wrinkles and reduce sagging skin and it is absolute best to treat dark eye circle. Just as useful for the skin health, this oil is excellent for hair health as well. Sweet almond oil helps to curb flakiness, moisturize dry scalp and increases the shine of the hair.

It is also the oil that helps relieve irritation, inflammation, muscular aches and pain. It is greatly lubricating and because it is not an overly fast penetrating oil, it is a good massage medium to use to help spread the oil and essential oil mixture, while still allowing you time to do a good massage before it is absorbed by the skin.

Skin Suitability

All Skin Types but is especially good for dry/irritated skin,

Suggested Use

For dark eye circles treatment, apply a few drops under the eyes and gently massage the under eye skin. Apply it regularly every night before going to bed. For smooth flawless skin, use the oil after bath by warming the oil to body temperature and gently rubbing the oil into the skin. As make up remover, massage this oil directly onto your skin allow to remain for 1 minute and then gently wipe it off.


Skin care emulsions: 2 to 3%
Body care emulsions: 2 to 5%
Skin/Body Oils, Salves, Balms: 5 to 20%
Lip Balms: 5 to 10%

For external use only.

Shelf Life : 6-12 months

Botanical Name
Prunus Amygdalus var. Dulcis
Certified Organic by
Quality Assurance International
Extraction Method
Cold Pressed

Expiry Date : February 2021

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Organic Supply Co - Sweet Almond Oil Organic - 30ml

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Organic Supply Co - Sweet Almond Oil Organic - 30ml

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