Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 4A 4X 5 5A 6 Pro Soft Case Minnie Mouse Girls

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-Barang import langsung dari China
-Estimasi sampai Jakarta 1-2 minggu
-FREE ONGKIR dari China ke gudang JNE jakarta

Variasi : 3#,for Redmi Note 6 Pro, 5#,for Redmi Note 6 Pro, 3#,for Redmi Note 6, 2#,for Redmi Note 5, 4#,for Redmi Note 6, 4#,for Note 4 4GB, 3#,for Redmi Note5A 16G, 2#,for Redmi Note 6 Pro, 4#,for Redmi Note5A 16G, 1#,for Redmi Note 6 Pro, 1#,for Note 4 4GB, 1#,for Redmi Note 5 Pro, 3#,for Note 4X 4GB, 5#,for Redmi Note5A 16G, 4#,for Redmi Note 6 Pro, 3#,for Redmi Note 5 Pro, 2#,for Note 4 4GB, 4#,for Redmi Note 5 Pro, 2#,for Redmi Note5A 16G, 3#,for Note5A 32GB 64GB, 3#,for Redmi Note 5, 5#,for Redmi Note 6, 1#,for Redmi Note 6, 4#,for Redmi Note 5, 5#,for Note 4X 4GB, 4#,for Note 4X 4GB, 5#,for Redmi Note 5 Pro, 5#,for Redmi Note 5, 2#,for Redmi Note 6, 2#,for Note 4X 4GB, 3#,for Note 4 4GB, 4#,for Note5A 32GB 64GB, 5#,for Note5A 32GB 64GB, 1#,for Redmi Note 5, 2#,for Note5A 32GB 64GB, 1#,for Note 4X 4GB, 5#,for Note 4 4GB, 1#,for Note5A 32GB 64GB, 1#,for Redmi Note5A 16G, 2#,for Redmi Note 5 Pro,

Soft Silicon TPU iPhone Case Description:
100% Brand New, Silicon TPU Phone Case

-It is made of high-quality TPU material
-Compatible Phone Models: For Xiaomi Redmi Note 4/4X/5A/5/6/6A
-XiaoMi Redmi Note 5A 16GB Without Fingerint hole. Redmi Note 5A 32G 64GB Have Fingerint hole.
- Fashion design, easy to use and easy to take off.
-Perfectly matches the shape and edges
- Long lasting and washable.
- Cover completely, protect you from dust, scratches, shock resistance
-Special design for fashion cases and Great Looks
Manage orders and customer service
-We accept wholesales and dropshipping.Welcome to chat with us for more details!
-We will send your package in 1-2 business days.
-Place your order only if you are willing to wait for delivery 7-20 days or more from the date of shipment.
-If you have special design require
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