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-Barang import langsung dari China
-Estimasi sampai Jakarta 1-2 minggu
-FREE ONGKIR dari China ke gudang JNE jakarta


Variasi : 2x80mm Round B, 2x100mm Round B, 2x(100x145mm) oval B,

1.On Rainy Days, This Product Is Very Beneficial For People Who Drive To Watch The Road. If The Rain Film Is Attached, The Rear View Mirror Will Not Be Wetted By The Rain, Which Will Make The Rear View Mirror Blurred And Clear, So That The Driver's Line Of Sight Is Clear.
2.Protect Your Rear View Mirror From Unnecessary Scratches, Smudges, Dust And Dirt To Keep The Mirrors Clear At All Times. High Strength And High Light Transmittance.Anti-Fog, Anti-Glare, Anti-Fog, Wateroof, Rainproof, Effective Clear Line Of Sight, Better Looking In Rainy Or Foggy Days.
3.How To Use: Install It Directly On The Mirror In Just a Few Minutes, Spray a Little Water On The Mirror, Attach The Protective Film To The Mirror And Stick It, Then Flatten It With a Small Scraper For Quick And Easy.
4.Universal Design Rearview Mirror Protective Film For Cars, Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Etc., For All Standard Size Rearview Mirrors.

Package include:
2x Rearview Mirror Film #rainproof #antifog #Cars #Stickers #Wateroof #anti-water #water #Mirrors #protective #Car #Accessories #rearview #film #motorcycle
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