7 Day Switch Timer Digital LCD Programmable 12 24 Jam

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Product Description:

Are you leaving for holiday and worried about your house being unattended? Would you like your house to be lit with light when you enter it coming back from work or to switch on and off your electronic equipment automatically?

We've got the perfect solution for you. This 24 hour 7 day digital timer is a time switch with numerous options! Being digital it doesn't hold the mechanical timer's limitations and allows you to set a great number of program schemes. This advanced timer switch is very simple to use, just plug it in to any socket and then plug into it the device that you intend to control.

You can set combinations for individual days or groups of days. You can set Monday to Friday or weekends only, you can choose from as many as 16 various day scheme combinations. Combine the day combinations with 10 on/off programs allowing you to set time with 1 minute steps and you end up with an almost endless range of time period settings. All the settings are protected with an internal back up battery for up to 100 hours without power so you don't need to worry about losing your settings.

When you need to imitate your presence at home you could choose the RANDOM function. When the RANDOM is activated the timer switches on and off any plugged in devices randomly, for periods between 10-31 minutes, perfect for when you go on holiday.

You could turn on the light in your driveway on all the work days at the time when you come back home or maybe you would like to smell the aroma of fresh coffee in the morning exactly when you need it the most. Or if you are a gardener you could take very good care of your plants: setting sprinklers, humidifiers or extra lights to help them grow in a perfect env
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