Dobe Controller Grip Nintendo Switch TNS-19252


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Dobe Controller Grip Nintendo Switch TNS-19252

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Dobe Controller Grip Nintendo Switch TNS-19252

DOBE TNS-19252

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Here is the specifications and features of this controller.

*More ergonomic and fluent design, double Motor Vibration

*Changeable joystick (available in 3 three size)

*Improved grip surface texture

*Support PD fast charging with original AC adapter

*Built in 6 Axis Gryo

*Support dual shocks

The product can compatible with Nintendo Switch Console.

The product is well-designed, and has more ergonomic feeling. And it bulit-in double motor vibration. The double virbation has efffect base on the game scen. which provide you an immersive feeling of substitution. It has automatically connection function, when the Switch console insert into the controller. In the bottom of the controller, it has a PD protocal which can reach quick charging. More details, Support Switch original power adapter or standard 15V PD protocal power adapter charging.

Comparison with the V1 controller, V2 controller adopted new texture of the grips, it will sweat-proof and anti-slip, the players will concentrated on the gaming, and not influnce by the outer factors. The scientific skid-proof texture design, the player will hold it more stably and more accurately. Accordingly, in the front of the product, the controller is desigend with anti-slip and anti-scratch protective layer to protect your machine in all directions.

All in all, the Newly V2 controller will bring more experience for game players. We belive the product will enjoy great popularities in the Nintendo Swicth Accessories. Let's wait and see.

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Dobe Controller Grip Nintendo Switch TNS-19252

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Dobe Controller Grip Nintendo Switch TNS-19252

lbh pendek dari hori split pad, tapi lbh gendut dan berat... pertama kali genggam rada aneh krn viewing anglenya miring dan button nya mepet2.. tp lama2 terbiasa dan terobati karena ada rumble dan gyro
2 hari lalu oleh Whiteoctober

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Dobe Controller Grip Nintendo Switch TNS-19252

Almas27 Agt 2020

Ready ? Ini versi yg baru kan gan ?


 • 27 Agt 2020

Yg paling terbaru gan.

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Whiteoctober2 minggu lalu

gan ini portnya bisa disambungin lgsg ke hdmi tv ga?


 • 2 minggu lalu

Blum coba gan.

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